As one of the steel structure buildings of Shanghai steel structure, it is the embodiment of the extensive application of the steel structure building, but sometimes we will find that, although the same type of Steel Structure Process building, two manufacturers building the same type of steel structure workshop, but The following factors affect the price range between the two.

1, the type of steel plant design, the time required, the use of plant;

2, the height of the steel plant will be based on the actual height of the construction of each additional 10 centimeters plus two-thirds to three percent of the cost;

3, the amount of steel required is also one of the factors, although it may be the same as a type of plant, but not the same amount of steel will make the price different;

4, steel span size is also a direct impact on the price factor, the span is too large then the cost of the required costs will increase;

5, the choice of the size of the crane tonnage, cranes tonnage size selection will also affect the cost of steel construction;

6, doors and windows in terms of construction prices, installation and removal are also slightly affected;

7, the size of the construction area is naturally a more fundamental reason, the construction of the area is too large or small, have a direct impact on the cost of Steel Structure Process plant construction, but also because of this, there will be more than one of the other conditions of the main cause.

As one of the main force of Shanghai steel structure, Pengen Steel Structure Process has a reasonable price range for the design and construction of the steel structure workshop, which can provide customers with satisfactory and affordable construction price and construction process.

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