Steel plant

Steel plant is characterized by lightweight, less supplies, build quickly, but also able to resist a certain level of the earthquake, is really very powerful, but when it comes to seismic aspects, in the end is how the earthquake, which is the main play a role ??

First of all, in the structure above, between the steel structure can be used to connect the welding method, through the connection after the expansion of the force area, so for the earthquake played a certain effect; another connection is the use of high-strength bolts to be fixed, this Method compared to welding may be better, the effect is the same.

Horizontal support between the frame and the beam should be set at intervals so that a distance, according to its density, and structure, can effectively support the steel structure of the plant, so that there will be a vertical and horizontal support Beam, to a certain extent, to avoid the collapse of the steel structure of the plant, for the earthquake is also very effective, to be closely between the various vertical and horizontal beams, and some parts of the steel structure can be used angle 30 ° to 60 ° such an angle to Support, but also can play a very good seismic effect.

Steel structure of the building is simple to build, but the demolition is too much trouble, that the steel structure, just a few people plus a crane, a day’s time to complete, but the demolition work is not so easy, not only labor-intensive And material, demolition, really not so good to solve.

For the illegal steel structure to take the demolition approach is to rely on a certain means of strength, on the other hand, it is necessary to vigorously strengthen supervision and inspection of this area, for this type of building materials to do a good record of the relevant records, In order to avoid accidents. From these aspects we also see that the use of steel structure efficiency and quality is gradually being accepted, especially the Shanghai Pengen steel structure of steel works, but also by many customers to build steel structure construction.

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