At the national level, other than Shanghai Pengen steel  High Strength Bolt Ball company, also home to many steel companies, which means that added up to tens of thousands of large and small, and have a certain size and should also have a Pearson VUE.

Since its establishment in China’s first steel mill, and now more than half a century, steel companies have sprung up across the land of China, the popularization and application of steel structure in recent years, such as the National Stadium bird’s nest, the CCTV building, Guangzhou tower are steel applications, as well as the reliability of steel structures, and the times.

Now very considerable prospects for the domestic steel  High Strength Bolt Ball market, steel used in some high-rise buildings application, suspension bridge and some of the stadiums and public places, there is a building of warehouses, workshops; it is clear that nature and quality for its superior security, trust and use of steel structure by the large number of enterprises.

Now the domestic steel enterprises want to steel a big and loud, need to integrate all of our resources, in opening up markets, focus on the future of steel structure projects and ensuring the quality and efficiency. In terms of technology and innovation. Shanghai Pengen steel company is not just in a rut, but its origins, innovative technology, only in this way is a long-term development plan.

China steel construction building materials, has been out of the country, began to move toward the world.

Before that, China’s steel structure material has been the subject of many countries throughout the world do not trust and not wait to see, that was not made in steel, is no longer safe, so over the years, domestic steel structure material, mostly unable to export, but are internal digestion.

Along with China’s economic recovery and development, domestic High Strength Bolt Ball  structure material quality is getting better, and manufacturers mainly to steel used in building more and more, these incidents have fully demonstrated China’s strong steel material durable and reliable, so steel structure material began to open their doors, began to set foot in the world.

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