Steel is also a time of damage, we have to immediately find the immediate solution to the problem, and the steel structure of the main factors of Steel Space Frame For Gymnasium damage are:

1) The bearing capacity is not enough due to the change of load, overtime service, specification and procedure change;

2) Components due to a variety of unexpected deformation, distortion, disability, depression, resulting in weakened cross-section components, rod warpage, connection cracking;

3) The temperature difference caused by component or connection deformation, cracking and warping;

4) Corrosion due to corrosion of chemical substances and electrochemical corrosion caused by weakening the cross-section of steel structure;

5) Other including design, production, construction errors and service during the illegal use and operation.

Reinforcement of Steel Space Frame For Gymnasium measures are mainly three kinds:

1) Cross-section reinforcement method: in the local or along the full length of the steel reinforcement, even as a whole so that the common force;

2) Change the calculation diagram: add additional support, adjust the load distribution, reduce the internal force level, the statically indeterminate structure bearing displacement, reduce stress peak;

3) Prestressed cable method: Steel Space Frame For Gymnasium the use of high-strength cable reinforcement structural weak links or to improve the overall bearing capacity, stiffness and stability.

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