When we engage in construction of Steel Structure Office Design, would be the first to note a premise, is how to determine engineering design of steel structures.

So how are we to determine the Steel Structure Office Design? Many people may wonder what measuring tools and tool? No, no, like there is with such advanced technologies, we just need a software that will do, use software to steel’s overall structure, mechanics, and seismic intensity and so on.

While Shanghai steel structures in our first point is to guarantee the safety of steel structures, and other properties of steel, but the point is, each different software for different measurements, also said that correspond to different steel structures,also requires the use of different software to the steel structure were measured.

However, for the purposes of an engineer, on the measurement of steel structure software to measure the data, it can only be used as a reference, because data is not accurate, but need more confidence in Shanghai steel structure engineering degree and years of experience of steel structure, which means that software is as anadjunct to help engineers better understand one aspect of the steel structure of the data.

In the “Thirteen-Five” the planning and construction of the last, to develop and promote the construction of steel bridges, some of the new bridge and the Cross-Sea Bridge, and to be dominated by the steel structure.

Requires highway bridge approach to look at the feasibility of the project, should be considered the bridge’s overall quality, management and maintenance, construction costs and other factors, strengthen the quality of steel bridges, whether on land or at sea, to have stable characteristics of steel structures, and able to withstand the test of the series of natural disasters such as earthquakes, steel bridge earthquake resistant strength shall not be less than level 7.

Current calls for steel bridges is very high, but also contrast the feasibility of steelbridges, in some areas, use a steel bridge has received a very significant effect. Inthe coming days, all provinces will have a pilot project in steel bridge, and more and more, Steel Structure Office Design and an unlimited opportunity.

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