Method of assembling and high altitude

Structural Steel Design Solutions grid with high assembling method for installation, is set at the design position Assembly bracket and grid steel structure in Foshan component separately with a crane (or block) the designed position hanging in the air, on the bracket Assembly. This method sometimes do not need heavy lifting equipment, but assembling bracket, Spider-man. Therefore, steel production of high strength bolted connections of steel structure in Foshan steel grid or bolt-sphere joints of steel pipe space truss is more appropriate, there is still some steel grid with this method.

Second, the whole installation method

Structural Steel Design Solutions Integrated installation method is the first assembled into a whole grid on the ground and lifting equipment will be fixed on its overall position to design. This construction method is not tall assembled frame, Spider-man less easy to guarantee the welding quality, but lifting of large lifting equipment, technology is more complex. Therefore, this method of ball node steel grid of steel structure in Foshan (especially to the grid, grid with more bars) is more appropriate. According to the different equipment, installation method can be divided into multiple lift method, remove method, the Jack lifting method and the Jack lifting method.

Third, aerial sliding method

Truss roof increased use of the aerial parallel sliding construction in recent years, it is particularly suitable for theaters, auditoriums and other projects. This method of construction, grid assembled in front of the building located on the roof of the Office platform Assembly (assembled in the Auditorium bleachers set up assembling platform), first assembled unit (or the first paragraph) assembling is completed, about his whereabouts to the sliding track, forward slip with traction equipment at arm’s length. Assembled assemble on the platform next to the second unit (I or II), assembled together with the first unit after the spell (or the first paragraph) slip, slip before the assembled piece by piece so keep asking until the entire rack Assembly up and sliding to the seated position.

Slip of assembling a good grid, grid support under the wheel, sliding rollers on the sliding track; grid bearing under the bearing plate, bearing on the bottom along the embedded in reinforced concrete frame beam of embedded steel plates sliding.

Structural Steel Design Solutions Slip available traction hoist lever block grid. According to the traction and grid bars between the bearing capacity can be used one or more traction. Grid slip, both ends out of sync value should not be greater than 50mm.

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