Shanghai Pengen steel refers to steel for building load-bearing beam of residential buildings by height into low-rise steel structure residential and high-rise steel structure residential, low-rise steel structure residential light steel is usually used for raw materials, high-rise steel structure residential building using heavy steel raw materials, assure safe and stable. Steel as a new force in the housing market, reflects the unique advantages in energy saving buildings.

Steel Structure Office Design advantages:

1, safe and reliable: the volume of residential units with steel as the main building material of high bearing capacity, more traditional brick and wood and brick technology is more stable, more solid, seismic performance, wind resistance, waterproof and fire performance is better, as well as heat insulation, sound insulation. Steel has good ductility and can the earthquake energy consumed, seismic performance, high degree of safety, ensure the safety of residential.

2, the integrated low cost: only with respect to cost, steel structure House seem to be on the high side, but integrated the building’s entire life cycle, steel structure residential building energy-saving, environmental protection and other benefits, plus basic steel building material can be recycled forever, steel costs are not high.

3, and construction convenient duration short: this is steel residential and traditional residential of maximum different points, traditional brick mixed structure to consider to concrete of solidification time problem, and Shanghai Pengen steel component is in factory making completed, just to will these component mosaic completed can, such on greatly reduced has site workload, shortened construction duration, reduced has on around residents of effect, while reduce has on around environment of pollution. According to statistics, the same area buildings, steel concrete structure duration can be shortened to 1/3, but also saves material.

4, green sustainable: all houses have a certain life, General house demolition of brick-mixing structure materials cannot be reused, and produces a large amount of polluting the environment. Steel can be 100% recovery, achieving recycling construction and demolition of less pollution, meet the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development.

5, rational use of space Steel Structure Office Design :

(1) Reasonable function interval

Using the characteristic of high strength of steel, designed using large-Bay layout, floor that could reasonably be separated, flexibility, creating open houses. While traditional structures (structures of brick, concrete) due to material nature limits the freedom of space, if the Studio is too big, it will cause a slab, beam, column, a “fat beams and columns” phenomenon, not only affect the appearance, and increased weight, increased costs, buyers in the secondary ornament, often changing wall position itself, increases risk.

(2) High space utilization

Steel Structure Office Design In terms of space utilization, steel section is small, compared with the reinforced concrete structures can increase the effective area 5%-8%. In terms of architectural style, steel structure more flexible and rich, indoor space to partition schemes to meet the needs of different users. Light weight, shock resistance, insulation, waterproofing, heat insulation, sound insulation function

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