The main characteristics of WPC Outdoor Decking are as follows:

A, good socio-economic, sustainable development, particularly suitable for China’s “forest protection” national policy;

B, durable, long life, similar to the appearance of wood, plastic hardness than high;

C, with excellent physical properties, better than wood dimensional stability, will not produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, adding coloring, coating or composite surface can be made into a variety of colorful products;

D, with the processing of thermoplastic, easy to shape, with the general plastic processing equipment or a little transformation can be carried out after molding. Processing equipment, new investment in small, easy to promote the use of;

E, similar to the secondary processing of wood, cutting, bonding, with nails or bolts fixed connection;

F, conducive to decoration, decoration, can be painted landscaping, product specifications shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility;

H, can be reused and recycled, biodegradable, protect the environment; g, not afraid of moth-eaten, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, water absorption is small, not moisture deformation;

I, conducive to environmental protection, can be used wood waste, crop fiber and waste plastics for materials;

J, rich in resources, low cost, low cost. At present the shortcomings and shortcomings of WPC Outdoor Decking are: toughness lower than the maternal plastic, processing equipment, downstream devices need to be adjusted accordingly and transformation. We believe that, through the joint efforts of scientists around the world, shortcomings will be improved in the short term.

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