Are you having trouble deciding on what wood to use for your deck? Are you thinking of settling for a composite deck? If you’re hung up on moving forward with your deck building plans, then it’s time to take the plunge and settle down with a decking material that will improve the look and feel of your home, not to mention, its overall value. WPC Solid Deckingis one such decking material that, upon further research, is a clear-cut and affordable choice. Whether you are a homeowner in Boston who wants to build a deck that can stand the harsh and relentless New England weather, or you own a townhouse in San Francisco and want to build a wood patio, no other hardwood decking comes with the combination of features and long-term benefits that WPC Solid Decking has.

When you build a wood deck with WPC Solid Decking, your wood deck will:

1) Last for decades even without treatment
2) Naturally resist mold, mildew, and fungus
3) Be more eco-friendly than any other plastic decking material
4) Be virtually impenetrable to termites and other insects for a long time
5) Give you that luxurious look without the high cost of most composite decking

That last point is very important to remember. With the volatile price of oil, a lot of products that depend on petroleum based plastics, like composite decking, actually cost more now than hardwood decking materials like WPC Solid Decking. In addition, when you do your own research on composite decking, you’ll see numerous complaints, lawsuits and even some recalls. Why the negative press when it comes to composite decking? Simply put, when you compare building a hardwood deck to one made with composite plastic, the benefits of building a wood deck with hardwood are numerous and can’t be ignored.

Likewise, contrary to what those composite decking companies want you to believe, a composite deck is not environmentally friendly. They like to say that you can recycle the plastic. However, most people are clearly unaware of this. So, when their deck eventually breaks down or needs to be replaced, they simply throw it in a landfill. The environmental impact of throwing out that much plastic is clearly damaging. And, when you consider that, given how many problems composite decks have, you can imagine just how many composite deck boards are being tossed into landfills all across the country. Unlike composite plastic, WPC Solid Decking is 100% natural. In fact, WPC Solid Decking is world-renowned for its ability to look just as good decades after it’s been installed. In addition, WPC Solid Decking is so dense it naturally resists, mildew, mold, fungus, and insects. Ultimately, as you continue to research the comparisons between plastic decking and other hardwood decking like WPC Solid Decking you will see pictures and read other people’s experiences when it comes to just how porous and welcoming composite decking is to those deteriorating elements.

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