Q: Whether the wood products on the paint? No.1

A: The user can choose the color we provide, the type of appearance, if the special requirements to be on the paint, feasible, but the effect is not enough wood ideal. Because the polyolefin non-polar structure determines the surface adhesion is not strong.

Q: whether the planing, so that the shape is more like the wood. No.2

A: In the process of molding can do the design and production of wood, if the surface of serious scratches, can then planing treatment.

Q: WPC Outdoor Decking self-processing is convenient? No.3

A: The processing is convenient, wood processing methods are applicable, can be sawed, nailed, drilled, planing.

Q: Is the pest control mildew? No.4

A: The polymer plastic components in the composite material determines the plastic wood profiles in the same conditions of use, compared with wood has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

Q: Will deformation? No.5

A: itself due to moisture absorption and other factors caused by the deformation is very small, long-term by the weight of parts will be slightly deformed.

Q: Is WPC Outdoor Decking wear resistant? No.6

A: high wear resistance, 0.15g / 1000 (ASTM D2394).

Q: Will fade? No.7

A: long-term use will be a slight fade signs.

Q: What kind of appearance can be made? No.8

A: The width of not more than 400mm, thickness of not more than 50mm, length less than 20m, in the same direction of the structure of the profile, profile.

Q: The use of time, durability? No.9

A: The excellent performance of plastic-wood material, the service life of more than 15 years.

Q: Can I use it outdoors? No. 10

A: The various properties of the material so that the effect of outdoor use is very good, in itself for outdoor products.

Q: Is WPC Outdoor Decking  toxic?

A: No toxicity. Synthetic roofing products are used to cover the roof and the outer wall, as an excellent roof covering material, it is non-toxic to human body.

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