Garbage classification is nothing new to China’s urban centers. But the additional roadside receptacles are seen by most citizens as nothing more than extra trash bins. As Ren Ting tell us, many other cities are trying to work out alternatives, to keep their communities clean.

Singing a song about garbage classification. It’s written by those living in this residential area about throwing trash into different dustbins.

“I put garbage in different plastic bags, and cast them away separately.”

But not all the people can do that.

“I’m not quite sure about how to classify garbage.”

Back in 2000, Hangzhou was one of the eight cities chosen for a pilot project for garbage classification. But a decade later, the result is not satisfactory.

Hangzhou is now drafting a regulation on the issue, which may be released later this year.
Shanghai is one of the pilot cities, but it failed too. Garbage was being separated into four categories — poisonous, recyclable, glass, and other. Receiving poor results, the authorities are trying to make things easier.

“The old standards are too complicated. It’s hard to do that everyday. Now it’s a lot more easier. Wet and dry, just the two kinds.”

Officials say the point is to separate kitchen waste, which is not suitable for being buried, or burned.

Hopefully now residents in Hangzhou and Shanghai can stick to the new scheme.

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