The benefits of using garbage bags.

1. The use of garbage bags on the interior is clean, because the trash is not trash bag, then put a long time will produce very thick stains, odors do not say these stains also got bugs, cockroaches or something, every times when trash can to not clean, had to manual cleaning, particularly inconvenient.

2. Easy to use, work or go out smoothly with a direct throw it, especially for a high floor tenants, general garbage recycling bins are downstairs, to go directly to work with go on it, save the trouble climbing the stairs back and forth

3.  Low cost, garbage bags, plastic bags are much cheaper than it is because the production of garbage bags without food bags like security guards that consider these factors, garbage bags used to hold garbage just on people’s health will not cause injuries, mostly raw garbage bags recycled waste plastic waste, production costs are very low.

Our company is specializing in the production of various specifications, various types of garbage bags, to provide high, medium and low quality garbage bags. Our factory can provide the specifications garbage bag processing design, production and selling pre-market survey data, to lay the foundation for your brand popular

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