1: Housing floor interior doors and other decorative building materials

Wall, fence, walkway, flower box, a variety of stadium decoration materials, can be used to make the floor, moisture-proof wall, family walls, fences, walkways, flower boxes, a variety of gymnasium decoration materials, Hanging version, roof, shutters, window frames, frame.

2: Outdoor open-air facilities

WPC DIY Flooring materials are widely used and parks, residential, street, road, bridge, pavilion, fences, wooden plank, public places, desks and chairs, signs, billboards, grid board, etc., wood-free maintenance-free Paint, wind and rain, close to nature and other advantages are widely concerned about the waterfront construction, wet environment has obvious advantages.

3: trays, crates and other packaging products

Current domestic circulation of 8,000 million, 200 million pallet consumption in North America are wooden, consume a lot of timber resources, if the wood-plastic composite material instead of wood, not only inexpensive, but also exempt from fumigation. Wood-plastic tray combines the advantages of wooden pallets and plastic pallets and steel pallets and the basic fight to abandon its lack of wood-plastic tray with high density, high strength, fumigation, anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, not aging, non-absorbent, pest control , Moisture. Solve the wooden pallets of poor cleanliness, easy to damage, short life, but also to avoid the rigidity of plastic tray poor, high prices, specifications, flexibility and other shortcomings, and wood-plastic tray can be planed, nails, free assembly processing into the domestic and foreign Standard pallet, in China, wood plastic used in warehousing industry has just begun, mainly shelves, flooring, flooring, girder and so on, the future will have broad market prospects.

4: other aspects WPC DIY Flooring

Municipal transport facilities such as pavilions, chairs, flower pots, trash, shelters, because of its long life, low prices, and more applications abroad. In addition, the automotive interior decoration, composite pipe, railway sleepers, cable protection, covers the product research and development from the demonstration into the application testing phase, I believe the near future, WPC applications will be further expanded.

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