Black heavy duty garbage bags, as the name suggests, are bags which are black in color and are used to line trash bins with the intention of preventing the inside of the trash can from becoming coated with waste. Black bags nowadays are often made of plastic and form an important part of office cleaning supplies as they are not only convenient for use but also come under eco-friendly hygiene products meant to be used on a daily basis.

There are various advantages due to which their use is preferred as bin liners. Since these bags are made of plastic, they are lightweight in nature, are particularly useful in case of disposal of food waste which is often wet and messy and minimize the spread of odor because they can be wrapped up after the waste has been dumped. The role of black bags as sanitizing and eco friendly hygiene products is highlighted due to the fact that after the bag has been filled with litter its edges are pulled closed and tied ensuring that the litter does not come into contact with the container.

Large black heavy duty garbage bags form an essential part of office cleaning supplies as these are ideal for accommodating the trash discarded by a large number of staff throughout the day. The advantage of large black bags also lies in the fact that due to their large size, these bags prove economical in terms of quantity as only one bag is sufficient to cater for the collection of the entire day’s rubbish.

Likewise, the strong bags are used for heavy duty industries like catering because since they are most suitable for the types of disposal which is made in such industries. It is imperative in such industries that the bin liner should be particularly durable and strong so as to prevent spillage in the container while being used and also while being shifted out. The strong black bags are available in a particular dimension in which they are manufactured and are available in packs of 200 for being purchased by the appropriate customers. These bags are particularly popular since they are renowned for their quality and strength.

The medium black heavy duty garbage bags are ideal for being used in general purpose environment since they are not only cost effective but also provide good value for money. These bags are characterized by standard dimensions and high quality clear plastic because of which they are classified as being eco friendly hygiene products. The medium black bags are commonly available in wholesale shops and retail stores in packs which have fixed number of units.

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