An attractive feature of a Steel Space Frame building is the cost effectiveness. Additional space comes at a premium and in some cases may need to be temporary. The cost of a steel frame building is reduced because of the standardization of the design, the regularity of the components and fixings and the speed of construction. Many people are looking for additional storage for a car, a boat or even just the kids play things. Steel garages are quick to install and do not require site management that a typical masonry construction would. Steel workshops are as easy to construct and can be insulated against the cold and heat. Also worth considering is the security that is offered by steel buildings. The thick cladding is not easily punctured and the steel access doors have 10 point security locking systems. There are also few weak points in a steel building due to the homogeneity of the material so a would-be burglar would be hard pressed to find a way in.

There are users that wish to combine steel workshops with steel garages. Additional features that can be included in the design of steel framed buildings are internal partitions. These can be used to separate an office space from the workshop or can be used to create an ablution facility. These partitions can be fire rated to meet building regulations or can be reinforced with plywood so that tools and shelves can be hung off them. In fact, the steel construction of the building allows additional secondary frames to be easily incorporated and fixed into the structure which gives the user a multitude of space organization solutions. These secondary frames can also be used to create shelves and more robust frames can be used to store everything from bales of hay to car engines.

There is almost no end to the uses that Steel Space Frame buildings can be put to. They cover the range of environments from the marine to the agricultural and a range of sectors from the small scale steel garages to the extremely large steel workshops of diesel mechanics. The incredible flexibility of space underneath the portal frame means that you can divide your shelter into a multifunction space where you have your store room, workshop and garage under one roof. You can even put it multiple levels to achieve the full use of the space with minimal additional structure required. The ease of construction and cost effectiveness make steel building ideal as a temporary structure especially as a site office or for a road project. The high quality of the finish means that you have a product that will last and ultimately, if you choose a steel frame building, you are choosing a material that is recyclable and therefore good for the environment.  provides custom designed Steel Space Frame buildings that have been professionally engineered and are both robust and secure. Find out about steel frame buildings today.

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