When looking for higher quality promotional giveaways, there are many different promotional items you can look at, but none come close to having the same effect as a pen. Promotional Metal Pens come in all different shapes, styles, materials and price points. Here I will outline some of the more popular types to help in the decision-making process of choosing the right metal promotional pens for the job.

You may find choosing the right metal promotional pen for your customer to be a daunting task. Printed metal pen prices are mainly dictated by what the barrel of the pen is made from. The most common metal used is brass, and in most cases a lacquer is applied to the brass to give the pen its color finish and to make printing easier for the supplier. The price of brass can vary hugely, and this will be reflected in the prices of the completed product. Brass barreled promotional pens will also give a brassy gold looking finish when engraved.

A material that is becoming more and more popular in the promotional pens market is Aluminum. Aluminum is a more lightweight material, but it does give you some distinct advantages over other more traditional materials. Aluminum promotional pens can be anodized, which gives a unique color to its finish. Anodizing is a process where the outer thin layer on the aluminum is oxidized, increasing its resistance to corrosion, and enabling the thin oxide layer on the outside of aluminum to be dyed during the process. Some manufacturers will make aluminum pens with a weight inside to increase the perceived value of the product, as most people associate metal pens with increased weight. Anything with this anodized finish stands out clearly amongst more traditional lacquered brass items giving the customer an advantage over their competitor. When engraved, aluminum pens will give a silver finish and this is the preferred choice for most customers.

You may also be able to find metal promotional pens made from stainless steel. This is a product only a few suppliers will offer, as traditional screen printing ink adhesion to steel is harder to achieve. Only specialist print companies will be able to get a good adhesion on stainless steel promotional pens, but again, it is a more distinct finish than the lacquered brass option. Steel will also show up a silver finish when it is engraved.

You may in some cases come across the need to source an even higher end executive pen. The ideal answers to these needs are promotional pens made from sterling silver or gold. These products will obviously carry a price premium, and are really only suitable for the engraving process.

In short, you should now have some knowledge to take away to help in your buying process when looking for printed metal pens. Any supplier should be able to tell you what each product is made from, and what the best form of personalization would be for that particular product. From there all you need to do is pick the style and color!

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