China is the worlds leading manufacturer of wpc decking floor. More than 450 WPC decking suppliers from China are listed on Among these, more than 70% are located in the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. However, this figure is not including Chinese suppliers that are exclusively manufacturing for the domestic market.

Most Chinese wpc decking floor manufacturers list a warranty time in the product description. Keep in mind that a “warranty” can basically mean anything in this context. There’s no international framework in place that regulates the term “warranty”. In the world of international trade, you are essentially on your own – unless you and the supplier sign a contract that clearly defines the warranty terms (among other things). This definition shall answer the following questions:

1. What shall happen in case a defective product is discovered after the products arrival in the Port of Destination? (It’s not realistic to inspect the quality of every single unit before the shipment)
2. For how many months or years is the buyer allowed to claim compensation for defective products?
3. Shall the buyer return the defective units to the manufacturer in China? (If yes, who shall pay for the return freight?)
4. In case replacement units shall be delivered to the buyer, who shall pay for freight cost?
5. What shall happen in case the product fails to comply with the relevant product safety standards in the buyer’s country?
6. What is the definition of a defective product? (e.g. products that are non-compliant with the agreed upon product specifications and product certification standards)
7. For which types of product defects is the warranty valid? (e.g. scratches and color variations)
8. How shall a defective products be compensated? (Remake, repair or refund)
Even if your supplier is accommodating and provides you with very warranty terms, never rely on this as a guarantee for stress free replacements. The best way to minimize your risks is always to verify that the WPC flooring is compliant with your product specifications and relevant certification standards BEFORE it’s shipped from China.
This can only be done through a Quality Inspection, combined with a batch sample lab test.

It’s a lot easier to negotiate with a Chinese  wpc decking floor supplier while the cargo is still not paid in full and still in the country.

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