The smooth writing, easy gliding gel pens are among the favourites for many serious writers, and high end professionals such as graphic artists and architects, because of their wide body, fountain pen like writing and the customisability of their inks. These pens are low cost and easily manipulated to meet any customisation needs you might have. This type of pen is most comparable to a marker because of the depth and the width of the ink marks on the paper. The wider body means there is plenty of surface for you to mark your logo and contact information on. Your professional customers will appreciate the gesture for its functionality. Your younger clients and customers will appreciate your gift because its unique and helps them to make a statement.

Gel pens can be deeply customised from the body of the pen to the ink colour and additives. The ink used in this type of pen allows for the addition of sparkles and metallic type additives that leave the ink looking very unique. This type of customization allows not only your business to stand out but also your clients as well. No one likes to blend in to the background, using a metallic ink pen allows your contact information to stand out in a purse or wallet full of black ink on white paper. Making a statement is easier when your writing tools are helping you along.

Gel pens are a low cost, highly functional alternative to the standard writing tools we see everyday. No matter who you are, or what you do for a living your will come across a pen in your daily travels, even if you don’t work outside the home, you will see or use a pen each day at some point, to take telephone messages, write a shopping list, or to remind the kids to do the dishes after classes. The pen is among the most heavily relied upon tools we will ever have in our homes or in our offices, or even in our purses and wallets. Because of the usefulness of the pen you can be assured that your customers will see and use your promotional pens daily.

Promotional gel pens are the cheapest and easiest was to advertise your business regardless of the type of business you operate. Are you ready to start promoting your business? Are you afraid of the promotional costs and air time fees associated with advertising your business the conventional way? You can get your business the exposure it needs for considerably less money than it would cost you to get a television spot or a radio advertisement. If you are ready to advertise, but do not have the funds for radio or television advertisements promotional pens are a great way to get you started. The type of pens you choose are up to you, but Gel pens are proven to be some of the most recognisable and most customisable of all pens. Customers love them, and the people around them notice them quickly. These pens will give you the most exposure the fastest.

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