Despite the availability of many promotional gift items, a promotional gift pen is still the most preferred and highly in demand for a simple reason that it suits even the tiniest of pockets. Irrespective of your budget, these pens can easily fit in the bracket of what you are looking for, the reason being that they are available in so many materials and sizes, ranging from a slim plastic pen to a heavy metallic bodied pen. Below are facts that you may perhaps, have to bear in mind while you wrap up a class of pen.

Target Audience

Promotional pens can be broadly divided into 4 categories – ball pans, gel pens, fountain pens and roller pens. Each category is suitable for a different type of audience. For instance, if you are gifting the pen to a chief executive of an organization, you might not want to gift him a ball pen, while a fountain pen would be more suitable for him. Likewise, you might not wish to gift a fountain pen on a shop floor. Therefore you’ll first have to fix upon the target audience and then cherry-pick the type of pen you wish to giveaway.


‘What is the utility of the pen you desire to gift?’ Is it simply a sales incentive, a marketing tool, corporate gift or an award for some other purpose?

It is important to keep the utility factor in mind because it is beneficial while fixing the budget and deciding the type of pen.

Marketing strategy

You will be able to covey your message successfully to the target audience, only if you make up your mind as to what marketing strategy you wish to adopt- whether it is corporate based, advertising based or simply incentive based.


You have to be very creative and use your imagination to the core while designing a promotional pen. Since we want the pen to be used off and on by the recipient, the message and logo should be printed in a fashion that will please the recipient’s eyes. Moreover, with the availability of various simulation tools you can now see how your pen will appear after your message and logo have been embossed on it.


The quality of pen you gift indirectly represents the quality of the services and products offered by an organization. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality of the pens. However, if you are low on budget, consider reducing the size of your target audience.

Promotional pens are one of the most cost efficient ways of endorsing your product and projecting your brand name in front of the customer.

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