Custom Metal door have numerous advantages that have served to endear them to the American public. These include:

• Can withstand burglar attacks, fire, strong storms and even earthquakes.
• They are lightweight which eases the installation process.
• Their easy handling significantly reduces transportation costs.
• Are not prone to termite and insect infestation.
• They are not susceptible to rotting problems.
• They have no twisting or tilting effect.
• They allow for easy fabrication with minimal wastage.
• They take minimal space as compared to wooden door frames. This allows for extra opening space for door shutters.
• They do not absorb moisture.
• They have a higher re-sale value.

Custom Metal door Cons
• Are susceptible to rusting.
• Customized frames are extremely pricy.
• They are difficult to customize or repaint.
• They are not easy to build.

Without a doubt, you can use Custom Metal door inside your home, however, the ultimate décor and style decision lies with you. While steel is infinitely reusable and does not suffer from any loss of quality, function or durability, wood does not have these characteristics. The metal frames are synonymous with glass doors. These frames have superior insulation qualities that translate to a low energy bill. This is definitely a plus for all proponents and supporters of green living.

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