3 in 1 Function Pen have proved themselves to be very effective marketing tools over the years which is why they are still so popular. In order to stay one jump ahead of their competitors marketing managers have tended to go for pens that have a higher perceived value and this usually means a rise in overall costs. At this stage it might be worth looking at novelty and multi function pens as they will offer something a little different as well as value for money. A pen that is more than just a pen will hold its recipients interest for much longer increasing the likelihood of long term retention.


Some 3 in 1 Function Pen have a built in highlighter at the end which is colour coded to the trim on the pen. This will obviously prove more useful than just a pen on its own. There are pens with three or four different coloured ink refills in one pen body and some also contain a pencil lead or stylus. This kind of versatility will generate more interest making the advertising slogans printed on them more effective.


In addition to combining other writing implements within a pen there are also models that incorporate torches, USB flash drives and keyrings. There is even a pen that carries its own supply of miniature post it notes.


There are pens that were designed for specific functions such as the Space pen which was created to write in zero gravity and hostile weather conditions. This makes a very prestigious promotional gift when laser engraved but comes at a higher cost. There is also a pen that has a germicide built into the plastic so that it will never wear off making it highly suitable for medical or food handling businesses.


Compact pens with retractable or folding barrels which extend to full size when in use are another novelty item that will prove very popular. In particular the Transformer pen has a very ingenious mechanism for doing this. In addition a pen that is also a bookmark is available and has a large printing area on its flat surface with a swivel action ballpen built in. If it’s large print areas you’re after then there is a pen with a banner which unfurls from the barrel and can be printed in full colour.


As you can see there are a number of very interesting options available in novelty or 3 in 1 Function Pen which are designed to give you the edge over your competitors when it comes to promotional pens.


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