Metal Ball-point Pen can serve several purposes. First, they can introduce new customers to your business. This allows you to enjoy long term branding benefits. Second, they can provide a venue for you to market to existing customers. There are advantages and disadvantages to catering to both of these markets. There is more risk to using metal pens to advertise to new customers. There is little way to judge whether or not your advertising efforts will be effective. While the pens can last for years, not every potential customer will become a long term customer. As metal pens are significantly more expensive than plastic ones, this can cause budgeting issues. However, using fine quality metal pens as a part of your branding campaign for existing customers can be very effective and strengthening existing relationships.


When you are selecting Metal Ball-point Pen for your company, there are a few things that you should remember. The type of metal used can dramatically alter the base costs for the pens. Aluminum pens tend to be the cheapest, while gold or silver plated pens tend to be significantly more expensive. If you want a pen that is of the highest qualities, you can expect to have to spend a great deal per pen. You should make your decisions on the type of metal pens you purchase based off of your budget and the importance of the clients that you are purchasing the pens for. Cheaper pens will often not be used by business clients, while gold or silver pens will see much more use. In addition to the type of materials used in the pen, you should be careful when selecting the style of pen. You want to select a pen that is easy to get refills for so that your clients can enjoy their pens for longer.


It is possible to purchase Metal Ball-point Pen in bulk. When you are determining what types of pens you want to order, you should take care to investigate bulk pricing. Bulk pricing can help lower the cost of each individual pen if you order over a minimum threshold. The minimum threshold varies based off of the style of the pen and the materials that the pen is crafted from. You should also be aware that your customizations may alter the cost of the project. Every style of pen has a different maximum printing or engraving size, character limit and color limit.


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