Portable Ballpoint Pen are inexpensive, but can do wonders to promote your business. A mini ballpoint pen in a ladies purse will likely be seen by approximately 100 people during its lifespan. Pens are small and easy to carry with you; this ensures your company logo goes everywhere its owner goes.


Surely we’ve all lost a pen, or lent it to someone who failed to return it; pens change hands sometimes hundreds of times in its lifespan. Having your logo on a one of these in a woman’s purse or man’s wallet is among the best and least expensive advertising you can ask for. One can spend thousands of pounds for a radio spot, or a television ad, that will advertise their business to that local area, or you can hand out inexpensive promotional items that will be passed from person to person for many years.


You can shop online by visiting the biggest online catalogues of companies who provide promotional item customization in the UK. Along with shopping bag customization, and key chain customization, mini ballpoint pen customization can be extremely profitable for any small business looking to grab some affordable promotion and exposure. This type of promotional item truly lets your valued customers promote your company and your products or services for you, with no effort on your part; and what is better than that? Choosing an attractive promotional item ensures that your customers will use them, and anyone they might give one to will also use them. In many cases the more portable the item, the more likely it is that your customers will bring them along in their hand bag or wallet.


If your customers have an attractive portable useful promotional item such as a mini ballpoint pen adorned with your company’s logo and slogan, the more likely they will be use bring them along with them, and use them in public places, or even give or loan them to friends. If you are looking to get the biggest return on your inexpensive promotional items company pens are a great start. When handing a pen to your client to use to sign their credit card receipt, make sure that pen has your company logo and slogan on it.


If you need low cost, low effort promotional items take a second glance at Portable Ballpoint Pen; they are inexpensive, and efficient. One pen will be seen by hundreds of people; you don’t see that kind of return on any other type of advertising. The most important points to look for are whether your regarding your mini ballpoint pen is whether your promotional pen is attractive, whether your pens are small enough for your customers to take along with them in their purse or wallet, and whether your company logo and slogan are clearly recognizable on the pen. With this in mind you should be all set for your promotion, and the flood of new business.


For more information on Portable Ballpoint Pen visit http://www.ec-gift.com


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