We adopt superior Pe Coated Paper In Sheet China which meet national SGS standard. We could guarantee that every piece paper we provide is suitable for daily food using.


About paper cup fan weight choosing

Some customer who is new in paper cup making industry will confused about the paper weight choosing. First, you should have a very clear idea about the paper cup you plan to make. If you plan to make 8oz PE coated paper cup, usually will use paper weight from 210gsm to 260gsm. Each paper cup has its paper weight range and the paper could not be too thin or too thick.


About paper fan design

You could choose your favorite design from the internet or market, we could make the design for you according to your requirement. Also you could put your company contact information and logo.


About the paper cup fan printing

Our company adopts flexography printing technology and the maximum color we could print is 6 colors. The printing ink we use is also meet SGS standard and suitable for printing foods using paper cup. This kind of ink is water-soluble ink, it is very environment friendly.


About the cutting size

We could cut the paper fan size according to customer’s requirement, cutting to fan or sheet is up to customer. And we will also design the cutting plate to avoid cutting waste.


How many pieces Pe Coated Paper In Sheet China could get per ton?

When customer confirmed the paper size and weight, we will calculate for you and let you know the estimate number you could get.


What is the percentage between one ton paper fan and paper cup bottom?

According to our experience, the proportion is about 1:0.2. That means 1ton paper fan will need about 0.2 ton paper bottom. Certainly, different cup size, different gram, it’s different.


About Shipping, Package

Pe Coated Paper In Sheet China we will pack with water proof film and then put in carton. If customer has any special requirement for the packing, please tell us, it is no problem.  http://www.coated-paper.com


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