Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils is the use of modern scientific and technological means, according to the dinosaur fossil computer recovery picture to create realistic dinosaurs, restoration of the production of simulation dinosaurs appearance, shape, action and so on, very realistic, lifelike form, action vivid.

Construction materials

Production of Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils can be divided into two processes.

The first is the use of steel production of dinosaur stent, coupled with machinery, transmission, with high-density sponge for three-dimensional processing of dinosaur muscle parts, and then add fiber in the muscle above, increase the dinosaur skin strength, and finally diluted with silica gel to uniform brush Dinosaur muscles on the formation of dinosaur skin, and then sprayed with color, and finally implanted control procedures, such a complete simulation of dinosaurs came out. Such dinosaurs can do eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other actions coupled with the appropriate call is very vivid!

The second is the sculpture dinosaur. His production process, the material in two, 1, FRP material, 2, cement sculpture. Production or the need for steel skeleton as a dinosaur, and then attached to glass fiber reinforced plastic, cement sculpture skin. Such dinosaurs can be made into different gestures, lifelike. But he can not do mechanical movement. He is a fixed dinosaur sculpture.


Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils can be more intuitive, more image to let people know the dinosaurs to restore the ancient dinosaur era style. Simulation dinosaurs allow children to directly understand dinosaurs. http://www.hldinosaur.com/

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