• Wash garments using plenty of water, and if possible, separately. Never let the garment soak.

    •       Wash dark colors separately. Dark colors often contain an excess of dye, so it’s important to make sure the garment is rinsed until the water is clear, to avoid the excess dye affecting other colors in the garment.

    •       Only use detergents that are made specifically for washing wool and other fine fibers, or a PH-neutral, dye free detergent.

    •       Soft yarns for circular knitting China Always shape the garment, and lay it flat to dry. Never dry the garment in direct sunlight.

    •       Never put heavy dripping wet clothes to dry. Avoid drying garments on a surface that absorbs moisture, such as terry towels. In both cases, the garment can be discolored or lose its natural elasticity.

    •       Please note that garments knitted with special “heavy” techniques can grow in use or in the wash.

    Alpaca, mohair, silk and untreated wool:

    •       Hand wash 30ºC (cold).
    •       Dissolve detergent completely before adding the garment.
    •       Move garment gently, don’t rub!
    •       Rinse thoroughly.

    Cotton, linen and mixed qualities:

    •       Always machine wash at 40ºC or 60ºC depending on the instructions on the label. If washed at a wrong/lower temperature, colors may run. If this happens, wash again at the right temperature, i.e. according to the label. It is very important to adhere to the right temperature.

    •       Soft yarns for circular knitting China Don’t use too much fabric conditioner.

    •       Use washing programs with plenty of rinsing time.

    •       Cotton has the tendency to shrink in the wash, so make sure you measure the garment before washing, in order to shape it correctly after the wash.

    •       Soft yarns for circular knitting China Don’t tumble dry.


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