Zigong dinosaur fans have time to follow these two simulation dinosaur production methods to produce their own miniature dinosaurs, so that they also have their own Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils!

Zigong Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils production of this dinosaur production method is sculpture dinosaur. As the name suggests is the sculpture out of the dinosaurs, its production process and materials are divided into two kinds, the first is glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the second is the cement sculpture. Steel is needed to make the dinosaur skeleton, because the skeleton of the dinosaur can support the weight of the dinosaur, and then use fiberglass or cement sculpture to make dinosaur skin. This method is produced by the simulation dinosaur production can be made into different gestures, lifelike. But it also has a big drawback is that this is not moving, will always be fixed. Can only be the beginning of the first design of their actions, and then produced. Because it is just a fixed dinosaur sculpture.

Zigong Quality The Fierce Dinosaur Fossils production can be more direct when people see the ancient dinosaurs look. Simulation dinosaurs also make people more direct and comprehensive understanding of dinosaurs. Coupled with text or commentary will be able to make people all-round production of dinosaurs.  http://www.hldinosaur.com/

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