You really don’t have to throw your High Quality Paper Cup Stock away after use. There are many ways to reuse them, for example you can make many toys that can provide your kids with endless fun. Here are 5 things you can do with your old paper cups:


1) Paper Cup Pyramids: If you are wondering what to do with the disposable cups from last night’s party, here is an idea. Let your kids build a paper cup pyramid. Testing how high their pyramid can go before the cups topple over can be an exciting game for little boys and girls.


2) Treasure House: If you have a kid who loves to collect treasures like pebbles, rocks or even bugs, arm them with these cups. They can keep their collections in the disposable cups. Since this involves outdoor adventures boys and girls will love it.


3) Pouring and Dumping Tools: Kids normally love to play with water. Give them a disposable cup and show them how to use it as a filling and pouring tool. Next time when you take him/her to the bath tub, let them carry a cup. They can have oodles of fun of fun filling and pouring bath water. They can use it with not only water but with sand and whatever else they’re playing with.


4) High Quality Paper Cup Stock Workshop: All kids love doing some serious jobs. Well let them enjoy hammering then. All you have to do is give them a few old paper cups, a golf tee and a toy hammer. Let them hammer the golf tee into the paper cup over and over again. It is not just some fun activity; it can refine your child’s motor skills.


5) Chatterbox: This is an old trick. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, insert a long string into the hole and secure with a knot on the inside. Tape the other end of the string to the wall to create a chatter box. Whenever your child feels like squawking they can make use of their own personal chatter boxes.


There are many other fun things you can make with disposable cup. Preschool kids can use them as ball catchers. They will definitely have fun trying to catch a small bouncy ball in the cup. With a little imagination you can make flowers, telephones, purses, shakers, Christmas bells, garden and much more.


So next time you have a bag full of High Quality Paper Cup Stock, don’t worry about where to dispose of them or how to recycle them. Just let your kids play with them and boost their imagination and creativity.


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