Did you know that propping open a UL fire door is both illegal and dangerous? The primary objective for installing this hardware in a building is to stop the spread of fire should one break out. An open fire door will allow the fire to spread quickly, causing more damage and put peoples lives in greater danger. Propping them open is also against insurance policy so if a fire was to break out, the insurance might not cover the damage caused by the fire.

The necessity to hold fire barriers open is recognised and there are products available on the market to allow for legal and safe ways of retaining UL fire door. Retainers are products, which eliminate the need for illegal doorstops and allow fire doors to be kept open for ventilation in busy areas or in areas where people are frequently passing through.

Electromagnetic door holders are designed to hold open doors in any area where easy Disability Discrimination Act access is essential, and can be used in conjunction with any suitable fire alarm system. They are ideally suited for hospitals, schools, offices, nursing homes and other public buildings.

The system works with an electro-magnetic plate that is mounted on the wall. The plate holds on to a metal disk, which is fitted to the back of the door. When the fire alarm is triggered, power to the door holder is cut, allowing the door to shut automatically. Door holders are fitted with an integral manual release button, allowing the door to be closed without operating the fire alarm.

The floor mounted retainers are designed to hold open doors for ease of access and release when an alarm is triggered. They are ideally suited to applications where maximum protection is needed against vandalism or accidental damage such as schools and prisons. They are also suited to applications where the door does not open near a wall.

For these UL fire door systems to remain effective, mechanical checks are required to be carried out on a routine basis to ensure they work effectively to provide the maximum level of safety.

Article Source: http://www.shkenvo.com/.

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